The Paradise Chronicles

Love Always,

Nicole Paradise

As an Author, Life Coach and Wedding Officiant I hold steadfast to the belief that there is true power in conversation. I empower people to love wholeheartedly, communicate effectively and create the life that belongs to them.

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Hello Gorgeous

Bare your soul to the beauty in what is possible.


Give yourself permission to let go and move forward. Be brave, no longer fear the unknown. Take control of your life and allow yourself to embrace every moment.


Indulge in the kind of love that heals your heart and comforts your soul, while it unknowingly calms your spirit and brings joy to your world. A love so real it forces you to travel back in time, to the places where fairytales begin and believe again.


Art needs no approval. Your gift is the outlet to the world that awaits you. Allow it to lead you to the other side of fear. The place where dreams come true.